Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Name Says it All

I have been bouncing around this somewhat humorous topic for awhile now, and it has finally reached the point where I feel that something must be said, or rather, I'm finally ready to share my opinion. Winter is a cold time of year. There is nothing worse than wearing clothes that do not fit the occasion (people say i shouldn't wear shorts when there is snow, I say I need to keep up my tan through the winter). One example is footwear. During the winter most people are thinking about boots, or at least something waterproof to keep their feet warm and dry. This is all fine and dandy; however, UGG boots are not the way to go. I thought it was just a phase last year, like yo-yo's, pogs, Mcgyver dvd's (gosh I sound so old) but no, they just keep coming back year after year. There are brown, black, grey, black and grey, purple, yellow, tan...the list goes on and on. I'm not just talking about women here, I have seen my fair share of men in UGG boots, so I'm really not trying to single anyone out on this. Yeah yeah, I know that they are comfortable, but they are just silly, in fact, UGGly. But is this the excuse? They are comfortable? My pajamas are extremely comfortable, but they outlawed wearing those in public like...hmmm, let me think...FOREVER ago. One experience I had happened the other day as I was strolling through campus. I had my Ipod in and I was jammin' out to some tunes. Not much gets my attention when I'm "in the zone" but as I walked, I kept hearing this loud slapping sound. I yanked my headphones out of my ears to see what sort of amazing event had managed to catch my attention: it was of course the girl walking next to me in her UGG boots, slapping the cement like it had committed a crime. So naturally, I started counting everyone that had them on. One, two, three, four....fifty, went on and on. From this event, I came to two conclusions: 1) UGG boots make everyone's ankles look like they are not connected to their legs, and 2) the sound they make when people walk (and obviously don't pick up their feet) silence even the construction workers. There it is, I said it. Love it or hate it, everyone can agree that UGG boots are as terrible as their name. Also, I may or may not be wearing my wife's black pair of UGG boots right at this very moment so as to really put myself in the position of understanding this trend. Man, they are comfy!

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