Friday, November 4, 2011

The Big Halloween Dilemma

We go through the same dilemma every year when Halloween comes around: what are we going to "be?"  Well, every year never ceases to show new types of creativity.  Some prefer to be creepy (involving scary and creepy dirt bags) and others tend to be more practical.  Despite all of the different costumes, 2 things are clear every Halloween: mustaches are growing in popularity and more and more women are dressing as Indians so they can wear the least amount of clothes possible.  I'm not hear to judge, because I appreciate a good costume.  However, what do you think was going through the mind of the kid I saw the other day dressed as Hitler?  "Hmm...well, my friends have mustaches....Who is a person that really personifies the mustache?  I can't be Tom Selleck because I can't grow a mustache thick enough, I don't want to be a white trash guy with a mullet because everyone does that.  How about Hitler?  Yes, it's settled.  I will shave a mini mustache, slap a big Swastika on a coat, and walk around campus making people even more uncomfortable than the other half-naked people running around."  Now, maybe I'm crazy in thinking this, and maybe I should give the kid the benefit of the doubt and say he probably had a good argument as to why he dressed as Hitler, but you gotta wonder a little what's going on upstairs.  So, I guess the moral of this story would be as follows: when Halloween comes around and you start contemplating your costume and the thought enters your mind to dress as Hitler, don't.  

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