Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh the toys we have for children!

So, today I was headed out of town with my wife.  That is usually one of my favorite things to do because it means on our way out of town we get to eat out at whatever restaurant pleases our fancy.  We decided to go to Burger King.  I love eating out period, so Burger King was just the way to start out our adventure.  After we ordered our food, I decided to take a look around.  Ever since I was a kid, I have always liked vending machines and even the little 25 cent machines that have stickers, tattoos, and little toys.  I hate carrying change in my pocket, so these machines are kind enough to relieve me of this stress.  Anyway, as I glanced over the machines, one of them really caught my eye.  Yes, it was the machine that had both skull rings and String Dolls.  Now, when you think of a string doll, what comes to mind?  To me, I think "Oh, possibly a cute little doll that someone far, far away made that just might make kids smile for a day or two."  But, these string dolls were a lot different than I imagined.  In fact, they looked like little voodoo dolls.  Really?  Voodoo dolls in the little vending machines at Burger King?  I'm surprised there wasn't a little warning at the bottom that said "Must be seriously disturbed and understand fully the repercussions of this toy."  It gave me quite a laugh needless to say.  Maybe their target audience wasn't little kids or maybe it was.  Regardless, it was an interesting encounter and it may or may not have raised my blood sugar a little bit out of sheer wonderment.  So, if you would like a voodoo doll or "string doll", they are only 75 cents (I know, a bit pricey) at a Burger King near you! 

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