Thursday, November 3, 2011

Here We Go!

Hello everyone, my name is CAM.  Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself and my whole goal with this blog.  About this time last year, I began trying to figure out what to do with my life.  It really seemed that I had everything going against me.  I do have diabetes (the good type-there really isn't a good type but I like mine better than the other).  What guy in his mid-20's has diabetes?  Doesn't every commercial on TV have some old person saying "Do you have diabetes and love food? Well then you need this product blah blah blah if you have medicaid."  Well, who doesn't love food for craps sake?!  Sorry that was a little rant.  Anyway, not too long ago I got sleep apnea.  It's not so bad if your goal is to become like Darth Vader and your okay with everyone thinking that your really a 50 yr old man inside a 25 yr old body.  So, with these two wondrous challenges, I began to think "How am I supposed to get a girlfriend?  I have no money (college student), diabetes, and sleep apnea, how can I find someone to look past that all?"  Well, despite the odds, I found a wonderful, beautiful, talented woman who has been able to look past those things that I thought were complete "deal-breakers."  I gave her every opportunity to ditch me, but I guess in the end, she just couldn't resist this.  And obviously, I couldn't stand being without her.  We have been married five short months now and have enjoyed every minute of it.  So, there is part of my inspiration.  However, my goal is this: I think that there needs to be more laughter, more situations which we can look at and find humor.  An example of this would be as follows, which happened to me yesterday in which my pride is still being mended:  "It's not everyday that you are running because you are late to class, trip and hit the cement at an alarming rate in front of a dozen other college students who deep down are laughing hysterically but decide to do the even more humiliating thing and say 'Oh my goodness, are you okay?'  Ha, of course I'm not going to admit it and say that it hurt like a mother."  Okay, you get my drift?  In reality these things happen and can be viewed as a speed-bump OR a ramp in your day-to-day activities.  I find humorous things all over the place.  Sometimes they are ridiculous, sometimes they are inappropriate, sometimes they are appalling, and sometimes they just plain don't make sense, but for some reason bring a smile to our face.  It's okay to find humor in your day.  Granted, you may not want to laugh at the kid that just ate it as he ran across the road because that would be heartless, but you know sometimes, deep down, it is begging to be shared with everyone so you can laugh hysterically.  

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